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Ryerson University Architecture Building - WELL certification







Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Sam Luong

The renovation of Ryerson University’s Architecture studio explores the mental well-being of students and how stress mitigation plays a major role in the successful education of architecture students.

Driven by the neglect of mental well-being that is often an issue in many architecture schools, the renovation of a 4th floor studio space aims to help students achieve a more balanced lifestyle throughout their higher education years.

To prevent student burnout, LED ceiling panels which hover above every student's desk, lights up to remind students when it is time to eat, sleep or leave studio. These Smart Technology-driven panels can be controlled via a mobile app that is connected to each student's school calendars.

These panels differ from the non-LED cork ones, a material that is sound absorbent and is used to mitigate sound reverberation that commonly plagues open studio spaces. Ultimately this will encourage productivity, comfort and an overall sense of mental Wellness while studying at school.

It is worth noting that a survey based on WELL v2 was conducted on architecture students for this project. The results indicated that architecture students prioritized wellness features that supported their nutritional health, fitness, thermal and sound comfort, and mental health above everything else.


(A breakdown of the WELL v2 scorecard for the renovation can be seen below):

Furthermore, the renovated studio will have additional Smart Technology features that can synchronize, manage and even design a lifestyle routine for every student. This can be done by tracking a student's daily caloric expenditure, fitness, and sleeping habits, but on a voluntary basis.

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