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Lakeside Cottage



RESIDENTIAL (Conceptual)




Whistler, British Columbia, Canada

Sam Luong

Inspired by the boreal landscapes of Western Canada, a lakeside cottage was conceived for an imaginary client who seeks to escape the city life for a more  laid-back lifestyle.

The design’s open concept plan blurs the distinction between indoor and outdoor living by heavily utilizing wide open windows, a multipurpose living + kitchen + dining space, and a deliberate protrusion of the living space that floats above the water.


Such design elements not only prioritize Wellness by exposing one to light, water and nature, but it allows cottagers to continually experience the Canadian wilderness from inside their own homes.

program legend

1 - open concept living + dining
2 - kitchen area
3 - bathroom
4 - mechanical area
5 - boardwalks
6 - jetski docking platform
7 - swimming area
8 - open roof deck

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